“Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity,and above all, quality.”

- creative director, brad_e events

Planning a sizeable event can be a daunting task. The elements are many, the decisions seemingly endless and the possible mishaps plentiful, not only in the period leading up to the event but the affair itself. The last thing you want is a celebration marked by mistakes rather than happy memories. This is where we come in

BRAD-E is a premium events consultation firm providing quality, decorating, planning, executinng and coordinating services. Our team brings to your service over 10 years of experience at a domestic and international level. We manage all aspects of the event from the largest elements to the smallest details.

Our style at BRAD E when it comes to decor, is clean lines, no clutter, classic elegance!

FOR US, ELEGANCE IS NOT ABOUT BEING NOTICED, IIT IS ABOUT BEING REMEMBERED! It takes us an average of 2 to 4 weeks, sometimes longer, to fine tune and put togheter the elements of any great decor design

Commitment 100%
value system
Excellence 100%
Unique Elegance 100%

airy and  simple


elegant and sophisticated

I want to thank you for a well planned and executed event. Trust me, I am very impressed"
Francis Okumagba

"I haven't said this enough, but you really made my day. Everyone loudly emphasized on this. Even my grand pa loved it and in his words, said "SHE FINISHED WORK" Thank you so much

Bride, Oyoma
"Thank you so much for giving my uncle such a befitting ceremony for the kind of person that he is. Thank you, I personally appreciate you and God bless you. I am sure my uncle will be happy where he is for sending him home in a befitting style."
Isio Okumagba

"Oh my God! I am completely overwhelmed by your work. You pulled it off excellently. Thank you"

Bride, Abigail


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